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Team Umizoomi (TV Series 2010–2015) - IMDb

Team Umizoomi is was my favorite childhood show. I loved this show so much.Team Umizoomi” is about of 6-year-old Milli, her brother Geo, who’s 8, and their friendly robot named Bot. These math superheroes count, do measurement, and show shapes and patterns to solve their problems. This show was so fun to watch because they would solve missions and go on adventures. Team Umizoomi was a childhood classic and was by far my favorite show. I love Umizoomi it was a really fun show. It also helped me with math problems and had some good education for kids while having fun watching it! I love team Umizoomi’s. This show reminds me great childhood!

My dream bedroom!

I like my room right now but it would be really fun to re-dew it and give it a makeover! it would also be very fun to tear everything down and just start over.

First I really want a wall collage of cute beach photos. The pictures would go behind my bed. A wall college would be my number 1 pick.

Tezza | Pops of Red in the Tezza Collage Kit | 150 prints – TEZZA

Next I really want LED lights in my room. LED lights would go on the top of the ceiling around my room. They light up your room in different colors and make your room look aesthetic. Inscrok 16.4ft LED Light Strips 5050 RGB Waterproof LED Strip  Lights for Bedroom,Aesthetic Room Decor, Home Decorations : Tools & Home  Improvement

Last I would love to have a cute swing in my room. I would really want a swing in my room because you could read on it and do your homework and even just chill and watch a show. It would be so much fun to just watch a movie in and it would make my room look so good! I could have friends over and we could just talk in the swing and just have fun!

Swings In The Home- Beautiful Addition For Real Pleasure | Swing chair  bedroom, Swing chair for bedroom, Room swing    Mertonzo Hammock Swing Chair for 2-16 Years Old Kids,Handmade Knitted Macrame Hanging Swing Chair for Indoor,Bedroom,Yard,...




Gift Guide!

I know what girls my age like. I am a girl after all. Don’t get me wrong every girl has their own style so this might not match with them but I do know some gifts that most girls got to like. Tap the title of every item and it will take you right to the website!


1. Every girl likes shoes, clothes, and accessories we are just so different from boy we always need to look perfect.

Girls Air Jordan Sneakers | Flight Club every girl want these shoes. I mean who doesn’t???


2. I don’t know why but girls just love jewelry and I don’t see a problem with that.

WT E390 WKT New Fashion Natural Stone With Big Brass Circle Earring In High Quality Gold Color For Women Drop Earring|stone color|earrings stone naturalearrings natural stone - AliExpress

3. Acrylics or gel nails.

50 Mind-blowing Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls That She'll Love and Use - Dodo Burd

4. Girls love LED lights

Eternal LEDs™ Strip Light (44 Buttons)

5. We love makeup

6. I think girls would love a moped. I have one myself! Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro-Style Electric Scooter - Betty : Sports & Outdoors

7. Every girl wants apple products like AirPods, apple watch, phone, etc…


All Apple Products That You Need to Keep Away From Medical Devices, In Photos

8. Phone cases are something everyone wants!

Phone Case Liquid Smiley Sage Green Compatible with iPhone 12 11 X Xs Xr 8 7 6 6s Plus Mini Pro Max Samsung Galaxy Note S9...

9. Room decor is really fun to have

JPSOR 24pcs 158 Feet Fake Ivy Leaves Fake Vines Artificial Ivy, Silk Ivy Garland Greenery Artificial Hanging Plants for We...

10. Skin care Fridge! These are very nice to have and come in handy!

Cooluli Beauty 12L Skincare Fridge - for Makeup, Cosmetic & Facial Skin Care Products - Cool Gift for Women & Teen Girls -...





How to make the BEST chocolate chip cookies.

How to make the BEST chocolate chip cookies. Read this article to make the perfect cookies at home! If you are ever wondering what to make in your kitchen or you are making a dessert for your family I got the perfect recipe just for you. These are homemade cookies you will never regret making! The lightly brown soft chocolate cookies that will melt before you know it. Read the instructions and measurements to the recipe to make the perfect cookies!

Preheat oven to 350 F before baking.

The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies | Sally's Baking Addiction

In a large bowl, soften 2 1/4 cups of butter, 3/4 cups of sugar,  3/4 cup of brown sugar, beat in 1 egg and 1 tsp of vanilla until smooth with an electric mixer until fluffy. Then get a separate bowl and mix in 2 1/4 cups of flour, 1 tsp of baking soda, and1/2 tsp of salt. Make sure to mix all the dry ingredients (Flour, baking soda, salt) together before adding to wet ingredients (Butter, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla).

Then stir in 2 cups of milk chocolate chips.

Bake up to 8-10 minuets until lightly brown.

When baked take off cookie pan and wait about 30 minutes to cool before eating. Enjoy!

Full recipe/ measurements.

  • 2 1/4cups flour
  • 1teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2teaspoon salt
  • 1cup butter, softened
  • 3/4cup granulated sugar
  • 3/4cup packed brown sugar
  • 1egg
  • 1teaspoon vanilla
  • 2cups semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1cup coarsely chopped nuts, if desired

~A day at the beach~

Close your eyes an imagine your on a beach.

4,793,177 Beach Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

The waves splashing on your feet, the wind blowing in your face from the palm trees, sand between your toes, and the sun shining right at you. When your on the beach do you feel calm? Do you feel peace? What is going threw your mind?! The smell of the ocean is like a salty breeze. When I go to the beach I love to play in the ocean. Hop the waves, go underwater and see all the animals that live inside. The water is warm, the breeze is cool. The noise is quite and mellow.


It’s been a nice day at the beach.



All about traveling!

I love traveling. There are so many amazing cultures and religions in different places around the world. There is different foods, different life style and even different people! There are so many places around the world that I would love to go to.

Traveling by Car, Plane or Train? | Inn On The Drive



Like, Dubai for example.

Dubai (emirate) | History, Population, & Facts | Britannica

Dubai has really cool roads and many tall buildings. Dubai is famous for their camel burgers which doesn’t sound that good but I would like to give it a try!

Another really cool place that I would love to go is Costa Rica.

How to Set Up a Subsidiary in Costa Rica | Global PEO vs. Costa Rica  Subsidiary

Costa Rica has really cool waterfalls. Think of Costa Rica as a big jungle. Costa rica has many jungles with hidden waterfalls in the middle! They have really good burritos and tortillas there. In Costa Rica people us-ally talk in spanish. It’s really cool hearing another language.

I would also LOVE to go to the Bahamas.


How To Work Remotely In The Bahamas For Up To A Year

If you want to be alone or in a quite area… this is the place to go.

The Bahamas is a really quite island that is known for their bright blue waters!



There are so  many different places that I would love to travel. You can travel in a car, plane and really any vehicle that can move!

10 things I love!

I love so many things but I am going to tell you my top 10 favorite things!


10. I love tumbling. I do tumbling and I love it so much! I can do a back handspring, back flip, front flip, and more!World Record Tumbling! - YouTube

9. I love to swim. I’m pretty good at swimming and my friends and I go all the time. We have a pool very close to us that we go to and there is a high dive and a diving board and it is so much fun to go!What is the Best Type of Swimming Pool for My Home? - Leisure Pools USA

8. I really enjoy hiking. Getting a nice hike is always good for your body and health. I have a dog and we always bring him and he loves it too! although sometimes it get way to hot, so we tend to do it early in the morning!Rocky Mountain High: Colorado's 11 Best Hikes | The Active Times

7. Next I love shopping!  I go shopping with my friends and we always go get food after and it is so much fun.



Study: Consumers still like shopping in stores — when the experience is  right | Chain Store Age



6. I love food. Some of my favorite foods are, pasta, rice, orange chicken, pizza and really anything that doesn’t have vegetables in it.


How to Cook Pasta Like a Pro - Jessica Gavin


5. I love animals. I have a dog and whenever I get down or sad I always go to him and he is very sweet. My favorite animal is a llama, dolphin, or koala!


Engineered llama antibodies neutralise COVID-19 virus | University of Oxford


4. I love love LOVE boating. I know and love to surf, tube, and just blast music and hangout on the boat!



New to Boating - Learn about boat types, boat ownership & more from  MarineMax

3. I love clothes. I have a whole wardrobe of clothes and I have WAY to many. I also love shoes and jewelry.



How to Store Clothes When You Don't Have a Closet

2. I love traveling. I have been to many  states and countries. I have learned about many different cutlers. Here my my favorite place I have been so far. Hawaii, Cancun, Mexico and other fun and cool amazing places! I really would love to go to Costa Rica or the Bahamas,

When is it safe to fly, and what will flying be like after coronavirus


1. My favorite thing to do is hangout with my friends and be with my family. I love my friends and family so so much!

Friendship in the Time of Technology | HuffPost Life